Letters to the doctor

Bella is doing worse and worse. There's nothing we can do to stop it at home. She just writhes in pain, hoping something will take the sickness down until she literally cant take it anymore and has to be seen. She's too weak to speak, can barely lift a cup to drink, can barely eat... Continue Reading →

2 steps forward, 3 steps back

Its hard to keep writing when it feels like everything is just happening the same over and over. We found a new IV pharmacy and talked to them, had Bellas doctor send her orders, and just today we found out that theu wont take Bella. theu determined her care innappropriate for home infusion... all the... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here?

Last Monday, Bella out of no where had two sharp stabbing pains in her chest, and the pain started. Her pain in her chest was immediate and the worst pain she has ever felt. We went to the ER. Bella scared she wouldn't make it. its been 2 weeks of constang ER level pain.. Too... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween….

So yesterday, Halloween, we go in for blood work and an ultrasound for Bella. Her entire body aches, and her PICC arm especially. Get the blood work, then head across the hospital to get the ultrasound, and get told she has chronic blood clots in her veins. They don't treat these, and said they don't... Continue Reading →

Disappointment abounds

Today Bella couldn't take the pain anymore. We went to the ER. Her head was in a pain saying headache or migraine couldn't even begin to explain. The pressure and pain making her feel like her head was on fire. I usually have pretty low expectations when going, but at the very least they provide... Continue Reading →

The constant let down

Its going on a month now without an infusion pharmacy. But then again I've lost most of my concept of time, I'm on little to no sleep, and we've been to the ER at least 3 times a week. Bella has been having the worse chest pain of her life. It radiates through to her... Continue Reading →

So facebook is censoring my posts, so i can no longer share any of this. They mark it as spam, not sure if because of asshole people or because their new algorithms blocking anything that goes against the main stream opinions on vaccines, Lyme, medical professions, or whatever. So I guess I'll just have to... Continue Reading →

Another day.

So the last few days have been pretty bad. Bella has been unable to leave bed, even to use the bathroom. This morning, she finally decided its time to go get checked out. Her migraine is unrelenting, her body hurts all over, and theres a soul sucking pain that's constant. We're not here for her... Continue Reading →

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