Can this be over yet?

To be honest it’s been a long past few months. Constant illness on top of chronic illness for Bella. Now COVID-19 might cause everyone to go into lockdown. We ourselves are self quarantined because Bella was hospitalized for the flu at the same time a cardiologist died at the same hospital, suspected of corona virus. We don’t know for sure, but her doctor cancelled her upcoming appointments just to be safe.

Since my last post it’s mostly just been trying to recover. Bella has barely been out of bed. Im exhausted all the time and then today happened for us. Today started out normal. Savayah was high energy as always. We worked on the alphabet, drew a bit, tried reading. After lunch she had a little screen time, took a nap. Bella was still resting after having a rough night. I was picking up the house and doing laundry.

All of a sudden i hear Savayah make a noise that was unfamiliar. Almost a gaging sound. She threw up in her bed while napping. I go to pick her up to get her cleaned up and she’s limp. Once i get a good look at her i realize she’s having a seizure. Few minutes later we’re at the ER. They pretty much immediately gave her 2mg of Adivan. Which calms her body down but she’s still visibly in a seizure. Wasn’t until about 2 hours from the start that it finally seemed to subside. They transfered savayah to the pediatric hospital downtown for observation and testing. In fact i just barely got her calmed and resting before i started making this post.

They’re doing an EEG to scan her brain and try to figure out the cause of her seizure and possibly how to prevent it in the future. Bella is at home alone trying to get the energy to get her body able to come down here, but it may just be too much. Luckily Bella’s adoptive mom stopped by and was able to help Bella get set up a little bit at home while I’ll be at the hospital with Savayah. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to stay with Bella, but at least was able to make it a little easier at the beginning of this all.

So for now Bella is at home with a low grade fever. Body wide pain, used all her energy and more to take savayah to the ER. As i sit here hoping neither one gets worse. So far 2020 has been horrible to all of us. It’s still possible we were exposed to Corona Virus, and I hope we don’t have to go through that too. We’re survivors, but honestly i don’t know how much more we can take.

Sorry this is a bit short, but my girls need me and I’m super stressed and scared. Thanks for reading, and i hope you all fare much better than we are. It’s been a long ass year and its only march… Ill try to make a much better/more informative post soon. Thanks again for reading and if you’re able to share or donate, ill love you forever.


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