Never ending

Just a quick little update. Bella was feeling worse the day she was discharged, they brushed it off because it had already been so long and they couldn’t do anything. Last night she developed a fever, 102.9F. We gave her fluids, rotated tylenol and advil, and even gave her a detox bath just to try and help. She couldn’t move. I barely got her out of the bath and back to bed. Her fever came down a little after the whole shebang to 100.8 so we tried to get her to sleep hoping to avoid going to the ER.

This morning she woke with a 103.2F fever. We had no choice but to take her in. Her entire body aching and too weak to move. Head on fire. Back pain so severe we had to have the nurses come get her from the car. She’s being admitted again with the flu.

She’s severely dehydrated despite drinking and IV fluids. This time i can’t be there for her like I need to be. I’m already feeling it come on, and savayah hasn’t really started showing symptoms yet, but we feel like it’s only a matter of time. Though I am going to do everything i can to help prevent and help it.

It’s not getting better and i don’t know how much more we can handle at once. We need help.


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