Short and bitter

Things are getting MUCH worse for Bella this week.. Throat swelling shut, whole body welts happening literally in front of our eyes. Now the severe brain swelling is Back that takes her sight, hearing, any comprehension of where she is, who she is or who I am, severe MS-like speech.. Which then takes all her sight then hearing.. Then full paralysis and then coma. She in stage 3ish (of seven) of this process right now. Her doctors advised us NOT going to the ER as time is of the essence since this progresses very fast and the ER is NOT EQUIPPED to handle something like this at all.. (Proven in the past at bellas expense). She has had a bad reaction to this medication already so we are fearful… But it’s our only hope right now. Please… Please stop and say a prayer for us right now that this helps.

Plus savayahs surgery is tomorrow. Bella would like to be there just in case and for savayahs comfort, but she may not be able to make it this bad. Especially with a 6am start. This is going to be a fun weekend.

Also Bella added a video to tiktok and wanted me to share it as well so it’s the link below. Pray for us, we could use any help at all. Thanks for reading, please share.

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