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Last Monday, Bella out of no where had two sharp stabbing pains in her chest, and the pain started. Her pain in her chest was immediate and the worst pain she has ever felt. We went to the ER. Bella scared she wouldn’t make it. its been 2 weeks of constang ER level pain..

Too much is going on.. bella took a severe turn for the worst.. its all bad.. I’m not even able to sleep.. she cant even get her feet on the ground.. shes bad. Sleeping all the time.. not able to eat or drink.. her heart is worse. Whole body poisoned with all of the infections ALLOWED to RAGE inside her as she pleads EVERY SINGLE DAY for help.. bringing her labs. And her diagnosis and books, and pages of medical research and the treatment protocol.. she STILL HAS TWO IVs IN HER BODY AND NO IV PHARMACY. that means all of the bandages to keep the IV clean, flushes to keep it working.. ALL her meds… she is going to die and its the medical fields fault. I have to go through each thing to explain the details to all the recent shit.. but i cant for now. Bella isn’t even waking up well to drink.. the ER, the hospital stays, even each of her drs WILL NOT HELP.. they wont tell us why.. nothing.. i will post an email she sent today.. that shes been working on months ago.. still no reply..

(email)Most of the team is all CC’d for educational purposes. Feel free to please all other drs on my team, and any other Staff in my chart that I have ever seen. Possibly even the Exercise physiologist.. all of the cardiology department (including all of electrophysiology!), as well as the WHOLE ID department.. this is not okay for ANYONE..
*What is “pots”?.
Well in this case there is a definite answer.
It needs treatment right now.
5+ years left untreated at this point.. why exactly? One of the best IN THE WORLD hospital wise..

Babesiosis is a blood parasite. Please simply google ‘babesiosis and Pots’.(I will attach a snippet as well. How many cardiologists have to tell you its not directly from the heart, how many unnecessary surgeries and treatments aimed at only rangling the symptoms that never even work, that are never focused on fixing the cause? How many amoung you have said its an infection yet do not fix it?)

This has been left to fester we now have other infections that saw an opportunity on my beaten down immune system.
So now we also have bacterial (including persister bacteria now), SEVERE PARASITIC, viral some of which directly affects the CNS system, fungal blood infections ignored!, so much more.. when asked “How did you get all of this!?” .. that is the answer. It is affecting every bodily system without any doubt.

Please reach out for a gaggle of Doctors to help further educate on this, my tests (of which there are 3-4 more sets with same results) and my literal SEVERE symptoms.. it is NOT a complex case..its simply left untreated (and/or undertreated) like a human lab rat.
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Isabella Pacl.

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