Another day.

So the last few days have been pretty bad. Bella has been unable to leave bed, even to use the bathroom. This morning, she finally decided its time to go get checked out. Her migraine is unrelenting, her body hurts all over, and theres a soul sucking pain that’s constant. We’re not here for her heart or stomach today, just with a need to know what’s going on, because it’s no way to live.

It doesn’t help that her home infusion pharmacy, not only hasn’t sent her supplies in about a month, but also dropped her completely. We’ve been trying to reestablish care, but it’s been difficult. We’ve pretty much run out of her reserve fluids, and have been rationing, which could be contributing to her overall condition leading up to now.

On top of everything else we finally got her an in to see Dr. Horowitz about her Lyme and co-infections, to make a correct treatment and supplement plan. Only hitch is the first appointment is $3000. We’ve been trying to save, run out of valuables, and im trying so hard to keep it all together.

So our little family sits here in the ER for now, hoping for some sort of answer, knowing it’s a long shot for them to see anything at all, but it’s too much for us at home.

Sorry this is short and sweet. Im tired after the last few days of little to no sleep, and we’re just waiting to know if they’re going to do something or just send us home. Please share our story, and if you’re able to please donate. We’re struggling, and I know it’s all very similar as time goes on, but we finally got an in with the doctor we know can help. He’s written books on chronic Lyme, and has a very high success/remission rate.

We’re just trying to do whatever we can to get her better. I’m so tired of it, but we’re puushing through so Savayah can have a mom, so Bella can have her life back, and so i can go back to work and be able to take care of everything without help.

Im sorry for having to ask, and for so much, but i cant do it alone. Thank you for reading, please share.


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