Well, that’s to be expected

Sorry I wasn’t able to follow through with my follow up from my last post in a timely manner as i hoped, but it’s been hard to think straight lately.

Savayah has been up at 3am almost every day for the past week. Im running on less than empty, but pushing through making sure everyone is doing ok. Even if the very nature of our lives is that everything isn’t ok.

Bella has been sick with one thing after the other. We tried to take savayah to the splash pad so she can have a little fun, and one of the other kids sneezed right in Bella’s mouth. From then on it’s been hell.

We all got sick from that trip. It came on fast and intense for all of us, and bbygirl and I got over it in like a day or two. It was one of those sicknesses where the next day you hurt all over, feel weak and can barely function, but it’s such a relief from the night before.

Bella didn’t heal from it yet. We tried another antibiotic, just in case something else made it in, which turned out to be a bad idea. She’s now got C Diff, is bed bound and we’re doing our best to isolate her to not spread it, but also take care of her so it doesnt get worse.

Anyways, since i got Savayah to nap, I’m going to try to catch a few mins to refresh a little and finish out the day and pray for a good night’s sleep. Please share to help us get the story out. Please donate if you can to help us get her medicines started and get her the treatment she needs to finally get over all this.

It’s been a long, hard, taxing road that we’re finally seeing a small glimmer of hope in the distance. Please help us get there. Im here if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks gor reading.


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