So ER friday after a solid week of Bella feeling like her body was pumping poison. She was having trouble getting air and that was what finally got her to go in.

The ER saw her liver enzymes were high but said not to worry, couldn’t explain the rest, but the only diffrence was the lovonox. The blood thinner they put her on for the clots they found a week prior.

They didn’t know but urged her to stay on the Lovonox. We went to pick up the prescription since the 7 days were up, and the prescribing dr didn’t do a prior authorization…

So 2 doses missed now, and that over the top feeling is gone. We think it was from an allergic reaction. The lovonox started hurting her the moment we started, but didn’t know specifically because so much else was hurting already.

Its was an allergic reaction to the blood thinner.. a bad one.. throat closing kind.. the Cleveland clinic didn’t see it in the ER told Her to keep taking it. 3 drs and a pharmacist there did.. She missed 2 doses bc they didnt do the prior auth… and it cleared up.. She can eat and drink again… She wasn’t really able too for 3 days prior. I literally cant believe it, no one there would even consider it being a reaction when i brought it up. I guess i need to be louder next time.

I don’t know, we’ll see how the next few days go. Though the throat tightening over the top pain is gone, it doesn’t mean the rest of everything is in the least. She’s still having trouble getting up, heart racing, chest pain… Just not quite hitting that 10/10 need for ER. Just getting very close.

Say a prayer if you can, we need qll the help we can get. If you are able, please donate to our meds/protocol fund, so we can start actually treating Bella, rather than try to abate it. Please share.

With love,


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