Port down, picc inbound

Last night we had to de-access Bella’s port. However it was showing deep purple, and kind of felt like it was a hair from surfacing, so today was an ER day. The visit was surprisingly good, we even had her Interventional Radiologist who placed the port come in to see what he thought.

Morning wasn’t too great unfortunately, we had to go into the ER to even give Bella her morning meds, which they had to place a line for, since we were told not to re-access unless it was an emergency. Bella started slipping in her speech and losing her cognitive function, before they finally got it in.

Took an hour or two after that for her to get back to ok. I even took a little nap next to her while we waited for IVR to come in and see what they were going to do with her port. I have a cure little video of me sleeping while they Transfered her rooms. Ill upload that when im able.

Her doctor decided that her port needed a little break, so the skin could heal and they decided to place a temporary picc line in her arm, and keep her over night just in case anything bad happens.

We weren’t sure if the picc was going in today or tomorrow, so i had to leave to get Savayah. Quick side note, as soon as she gets in the car, savayah starts playing with her loose tooth and takes it right out and hands it to me, adorable as hell. She also took some selfies lol.

Just as im home getting savayah some dinner, the procedure is going to happen, but im needed there. They didn’t have the right kind of anesthesia so Bella had to perform the procedure with nothing, yet again. Meaning more than ever, im needed in case things go wrong. So we head to the hospital, and i go in to be on standby.

Took about 2 hours from prep to out the door, even heard Bella scream as they we’re putting it in, but damn is she tough. My warrior got through it just fine, just body a little worse for wear with the added stress and pain.

So now we have to take care of her picc while her port heals a bit, and Hopefully stuff can slow down a little bit, we need a break lol. Full day to say the least.

Please keep Bella in your prayers, she’s doing ok, but with how everything goes she needed to stay under observation in case of clots or complications. She’s a fighter, and we’re doing everything possible to get her better. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and Please share our story. Thank you for reading, and if you’re able to donate we’ll be greatly appreciative.

The women in my life are amazing, strong, beautiful warriors for life. I just cant put into words how much i love them both.

Sweet dreams,


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