Another day.

Saturday Bella had a sharp pain in her abdomen, and we rode out the weekend hoping it would go away or fix itself somehow, but that didn’t quite work out. So we had to go in to get her checked out since there was no relief of symptoms.

Well at the ER it looks as if Bella had another ovarian cyst burst. This one was big, so big the CT showed all of the fluids that burst from the cyst is in her abdomen. The Dr said these are a triple threat… they ache when the cyst is growing, then extreme sharp pain when the cyst burst.. then the long intense pain of all the fluids that burst from the cyst leak into the abdominal area. At this point the fluids are now to be reabsorbed by all of her abdominal organs.. which in turn irritates them all too! The pain is so bad its white sharp if she moves the right way still. The doctor told us the fluids move went she moves too and its “free flowing fluid” even irritating the base of her lungs when she lays down. She got the okay to come home and she denied the morphine the offered her before she left. We have her at home now just watching closely to her vitals (as she is already so very weak as is prior to this). We wait and try to comfort her with hot packs and hope for the best.

Please send prayers and healing vibes to her. Still working on her meds to be covered by Medicaid as written. Super fun times. I don’t know how much more can pile on, but hopefully, at the very least, this will resolve itself soon. We need some break to get back to a normal reality rather than this hell of an existence we call life.

Write again soon,


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