New letter

Sorry for now i just wanted to post up the new letter we got from Bella’s doctor. Kind of reinforces the scope of what i need to do for her every day. It’s still hard to fully ecplain everything going on on paper or in one letter, but hopefully this helps.

And page two

Sorry the images aren’t that great. Just taken with my phone and had the doctors name and whatnot cropped out, but still pretty compelling and effective.

Today the pharmacy called and let us know that her medicine is going to start costing $30 per day, so we have no clue how to cover that… We need help, please donate if you’re able and share to help get the word out. Thank you for reading, sorry i don’t have too much more for now, gotta try to get her meds covered again. Ill update again soon.

Love you guys,


PS here’s a cute pic of savayah at the park, just taking a little 5 second break from running around like a madwoman. Lol shes amazing.

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