Day two post hospital.. Mini update

Bella is doing so rough body wise, vitals and all.. Her rash that got so much worse in the hospital. Each time we asked them about it.. They looked in our faces with a blank stare as we spoke

and changed the subject like we didn’t just ask or speak. Just… What… Here is this morning. Trust me it’s worse in real life, this is just the best my phone camera will do.

The only thing that can help with the rash is steroids. We recently found that babesia and steroids are a very bad combination, and can kill her. So now this rash is not only getting more painful, spreading much more, and weeping; but also a clear indicator that the doctors have been in fact making her worse trying to “treat the symptoms”.

Please donate so we can get the treatment she needs. We’re trying out hardest, and without help we don’t know how much more we can handle.

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