Today started off pretty rough. Bella has had a constant headache for weeks, and it’s getting worse. OTC meds. Barely take off the edge for a while, so we had to put her neck brace back on. She’s more able to tolerate laying down and just trying to rest her body as much as possible. She says it’s helping relieve the pressure, so that’s good. Lately she’s been pretty restless, and any time she’s able too she’s up; Even if it’s just for 5-10 mins before she needs to sit or lay down again.

Even with the positive results from her last round of testing, we need to still goto DC to get her upright MRI imaging, and see Dr. Henderson. As well as get her to a dentist in order to ensure there’s no pockets of infection, expecially with the MARCoNS in her sinuses and the way Lyme tends to hide in any cavities or extraction/root canal sites, and without treating those specifically she won’t get better.

We’re still trying to start her Flagyl and get her Rocephrin covered by insurance, but we have to get her ok enough to start. Maybe with the neck brace and some decent rest we can start tonight or tomorrow, but it’s likely going to be pretty harsh on her. We have to start slow and work our way up to a full dose. The die off of the bacteria will release more toxins into her body, which will be pretty harsh, but if anyone can get through it it’s her.

This is killing us. We’re just trying to scrape by as best we can. So much more is coming up, we have no choice but to set up another fundraiser. We made so much progress to only need more and it’s insane that we have to go through this. Let alone having to repeat testing for Savayah on all the things that could have been passed through breast milk or in the womb. And i guess I need MARCoNS testing as well to ensure im not carrying or infected, so as not to keep giving it back to anyone.

If all of this could be covered by insurance or not out of state would be wonderful, but since we cant move or go anywhere else, this is what we have to do until she’s well enough for me to back to work. I’ve even tried a few times to help out a buddy to make a little extra money, and every time i either cant make it or have to leave soon after arriving.

We’ve estimated about $8k needed for all imaging, testing, and doctors appointments, treatments, as well as gas and hotel stay for seeing the CCI/AAI doctor. More if surgery is needed, or more specialized treatment. So please share this far and wide, im going to set up an online fundraiser and try to set up some things like car washes or whatever i can to help it all along. Ill add the info as it’s created and set up.

That’s all for now, ill update a bit more tomorrow, doing my best to keep up with everything. Please share our story far and wide. Donate if you’re able from the link on the home page. We will love you forever and send our eternal love and nothing but positive vibes. Follow #helpthehero on other social media for updates, and yeah love you guys


PS garbage finds can be super awesome 🙂 here’s a cute fun pic to end on

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