My kingdom for a nights rest

Sorry it’s been a long week. Not super eventful, just stressful and full of pain for Bella. It’s hard being chronically ill, harder when doctors don’t want to listen to you or what you’re showing them, and damn near impossible if they only want to look at the chronic issues and ignore the acute ones.

So Bella has been in pain for a little over a month now, which we thought was a cyst rupture, and technically was, but the pain isn’t dissipating and no one can give us any answers. It’s heartbreaking almost as much as it is frustrating.

Several appointments a day all week. 3 alone today. Got her chart fixed, the Dx that was put in and we aren’t sure why or how ,back on the day we went to the ER and 2 OBGYN offices just to confirm she had an ovarian cyst rupture, and hoping that was the pain she was experiencing. It was there and one of the 3 did burst, but this long after and there still being pain is looking like that isn’t the cause.

Today we also started her 2nd antibiotic, in office. Sat for an hour just to make sure no reaction and i can start doing it at home.

We’re tired. On top of Bella’s stomach pain, it’s causing her body to react like it does when there’s an infection. Increased symptoms and trouble eating, which could lead to worse problems, but luckily she does her best to force feed herself.

It’s been a hell of a roller coaster, because even though all these things are bad and some getting worse, overall it’s progress. Her headaches are becoming less severe. She’s able to be awake longer. We’ve been able to get her at least out of the room, she’s usually stuck in, every day the past week.

At the same time i haven’t slept in a few days really. Savayah keeps waking up super early, worst of which was like 1130 at night and didn’t sleep til a nap at daycare sometime.

But the world keeps turning and we keep on pushing forward with every ounce we can muster.

We still have the specialist we need to see on the 8th, which we cant afford out of pocket, but somehow still need too to ensure her continued treatment, that even with all the extra going on seems to be helping, gradually.

We’re at our wits end. We’re tired. We’re in varying levels of pain. It’s shitty right now, pardon my french, but could be much worse. We’re trying hard i promise.

Please donate and share if you’re able. #helpthehero

Sorry this is kind of short and too the point, I don’t have the energy to think well enough to get everything out, im sure ill add more later in another post.

Thank you for reading, sorry im a bit off today. Ill be back again later. I hope you alk have a wonderful rest of the day/night. Please donate and share 🙂


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