Sorry for the long period and no writing, it’s been a hectic few weeks. Now that the holidays are over and doctors are back from their vacations we’re able to start getting back on track rather than just hoping to keep Bella ok enough to make it through.

The last couple of weeks have been increasingly hard. More ER visits than the rest of the year, almost combined. A lot of crisis control, on top of everything else. However im writing today from my phone in the hospital, as we hope Bella recovers well from the procedure. Because of people’s generous donations we were able to make this trip, and it hasn’t been easy or fun really, but hopefully it helps in the long run.

Yesterday morning, running off of very little sleep we started our day hours before the sun comes up, to get Bella prepped and read for an Electrophisiology Study. Took A little time to ensure they knew what they could and couldn’t use due to the many allergies Bella has, and I sat outside the room in case things went wrong, if be ready to help get her back. Around hour 3 a nurse came out to let me know the doctor found something in her heart and is going to start doing the ablations. About an hour after that she’s done. She has to stay since they ablated her heart, in case anything bad happens. Let’s just say it was a long night. Her procedure she did with no numbing or anesthesia because what they had to offer would cause her much worse pain and allergic reactions, and she doesn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. They offered fentanyl and versid as a conscious sedation, but with the side effects it was to be used as a very last resort. It was worse when the shock wore off, and the pain became too unbearable.

Since we aren’t at this hospital often, the med list was pretty much non existent. It didn’t even have tylenol or motrin, so they offered norco, which is fine, but Bella hates the high feeling. We usually get through any kind of pain or discomfort with the least amount of anything. Hot packs, cold packs, Tylenol, Motrin, oxygen… Anything that has minimal long term effect, but can still ease the pain, even just a little. After an hour or two trying to just get a Tylenol, she finally caved and took the norco. Luckily She didn’t get high, and it barely took the pain down, but enough to hit just below her pain threshold. I Wouldn’t want my worst enemies in the pain she’s gone through since yesterday.

So now we just wait, pharmacy came up and we updated a full med list from home, luckily we had a few printed out. She’s finally getting what she needs, which doesn’t help enough, but it’s better than nothing. And it allows her to at least occypy her mind with her phone, because she still can’t move too much without the scare of popping out the clots that hold her femoral veins closed.

It’s been a mess since the surgery part, and they seem like they’re trying to understand everything now, but we’ll see what happens. I wish i had pictures to upload and once i get in front of my laptop i could probably get much better details out and make this a little more worth reading, but Bella made it through, got her heart burnt from the inside, is pretty stable for now, but if she moves all hell breaks lose. Hopefully this procedure, and all the pain and frustration was worth it.

Thank you all for reading, I hate typing on a phone, my thimbs don’t work well enough close together to keep up with my brain and i think that’s made this post suffer, but i promise to do my best in a real update coming up soon, likely before we leave toledo if i can get the hotel wifi to work. Please share our story, far and wide. If you’re able to help us out in any way, please donate. We’re taking the steps, but the jorney is long. Thabk you all in advance for reading, and i hope you all have a wonderful time doing whatever it is you’re doing.

With love,


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