Tomorrow is thanksgiving. I for one am thankful we’ve made it this far. Things are hard every day. We have good days and bad. The past week and a half or so have been very hard. Every day Bella wakes in severe pain. Unable to move usually for hours until it, hopefully, subsides.

Sunday Bella had to go to the ER via ambulance, because the pain was too unbearable for too long. All she could really say was that she didn’t feel well and that it hurts. It was so bad she couldn’t remember me calling for the ambulance or getting to the hospital. While she was there it was slow going because they were so packed, and they did the normal tests, but couldn’t find anything wrong. Took a few hours and some fluids, but they ended up discharging her to home, still hurting but apparently not life threatening that they can tell. 

It’s been the same since. Waking up in severe pain, I give her meds as I can, and hope that later after enough rest it subsides. She’s been able to get out of bed to at least come downstairs for a few minutes here and there. I’ve helped her bathe every night, and helping her in any way I can, while keeping Savayah occupied and happy as well. It’s hard to see, my heart breaks every day. Savayah hasn’t had enough mommy time because she’s a bit too hyper for mommy to handle, and mommy hasn’t had enough baby time, which makes her upset and more determined to get better.

Our lives are hard, however it just makes us grow closer and closer as a family. I’m thankful for that, and all the help we’ve received to help make our travel a little easier. We’re thankful to all those who have helped us in any way big and small. Life is hard, but without your support, it would be much harder. 

Sorry today’s post is a little short, I just wanted to make sure to post before the holiday. I for one will be cooking tonight and tomorrow morning, so hopefully we can make it over and be sure Bella’s grandma isn’t alone. Then a nice relaxing time, and hopefully her feeling a bit better.

Either way I’d like to ask everyone to share this far and wide, follow #helpthehero on FB and IG, and if you’re able to help please donate to the link on the home page. Thank you for reading and have a nice turkey day.


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