“Good” morning

I’m usually a pretty easy going guy. Unlike when I was younger, I tend to try to avoid unnecessary confrontation. We have enough stress in our lives as it is. However, when it comes to my family and their health/welfare, that doesn’t always work out. Most of the time Bella has stopped me, especially if it’s a time that can become physical real quick.

Today was a phone call. If you read my last post, you know we’ve been having trouble getting her medications, and the company who provides them haven’t been answering or helping in any way. I called this morning, when they opened. I somehow got their answering service, without quite knowing it was their answering service. I got transferred to who I thought was a pharmacist, but it was just an operator.

She let me know that no one was there, so I could have the pharmacists voicemail. I asked why no one was there, since they open at 8. She said they tend to come in late. I said that doesn’t sound like good business practice. She agreed but my options were the same. I’m going to call back in a few minutes, because this is unacceptable. They’ve had her order sent to them maybe 8 times over the past week, including any prior authorizations needed. Yet, they somehow got one medication and not the other, that Bella desperately has needed all weekend.


Yesterday, we got confirmation they had the fax while the on call pharmacist was on the phone with us. I was calling today to make sure we get it as soon as possible. Then this happens after everything else over the entire last week and weekend. It may seem small to a lot of people, but it just terrifies me that this company also provides medications to other patients.

What if it was insulin for a diabetic and there was no other way for them to get it. What if it was for TPN for someone who can’t eat and needs to get their nutrients from a tube. These people could die without their medications. Bella felt like she was going to die for a straight week now. Multiple trips to the ER. They don’t have her medication on hand, or in the form her body can handle and use, so there’s nothing much we can do other than wait and hope they get their act together enough that she can have her medicine.

The biggest thing is that they don’t admit fault. They blame us or the doctors office or anything but them.

We record our calls. From this weekend alone, I have 38 calls to their call center just to get a hold of their pharmacist to see what the status of everything was, or to see if they got the order, or find anything out. Friday was the day we got our delivery, later than usual, but we got it. Her medication was missing so we were able to get through and ask why. No order somehow, but we went to her doctors and had them re-send the order multiple times to be safe, each one having a confirmation on our end it was sent. Couldn’t get a hold of anyone again that night, on call pharmacist didn’t call us back, it was getting late, I did my best to keep Bella stable.


All day Saturday, we called over and over. It’s been too long, everything is getting worse, we need her meds. One call we were on hold for over 2 hours till the phone suddenly had a busy tone and call ended. Several calls that went straight to a busy tone and ended. Some that would ring a few times then end abruptly. We had the doctors office call the on call pharmacist number directly on four separate occasions. Every time they got Voicemail. They left messages and no call backs. Horrible day, Bella is feeling much worse, and now stressed because we can’t even get a hold of someone and we can’t do anything.

It wasn’t til about 10 calls in on Sunday we finally got a hold of an on call pharmacist. She said they never got an order, that they got calls all yesterday and don’t know why we couldn’t call in. Their fax machine works, but they didn’t get anything for Bella. We double checked the fax number a few more times and re-sent the order, and they finally had it. Don’t know why it didn’t work before but it’s in now. By the time we got everything done and in it was too late for them to send it out, there was no one there to do it, so first thing today they’d get it out.

I woke up around 4am today. Savayah woke up and I couldn’t get her back to sleep so I made her breakfast and we played, got dressed and watched movies all morning. I’m tired, but it was an ok morning. Then I make this call. I have a recording of their employee stating that the office hours are pretty much just there for show. Everyone in this office comes in late, often enough for her to know that no one will be there if I get transferred, and the best she can do is have me leave a voicemail, and hope the pharmacist gets back to me in a timely manner, which for me is kind of a slap in the face after trying so hard to get Bella’s medications all weekend.

The worst part is this isn’t even the first time they’ve messed up. They leave out supplies often, on a couple of occasions sent us the wrong medication, once a med we weren’t used to seeing in a weird egg shaped device that they tired to force us to take, luckily we didn’t because the very next day the pharmacist who was there said not to take it and they can’t verify what it is exactly, which was our main concern in the first place. I’m just sick of it all. Unfortunately IV meds can’t just be filled at any pharmacy, or we’d have switched already. Worst part is this is one of the better ones we’ve been through.

Through everything we’re going through, we need something to go right, or at least be somewhat stable. When it comes to medication, it’s not something that can keep going on like this. We’re going to look for a new pharmacy that can deliver the supplies today, and when I do call back after I post this little rant, I just hope they’ve finally found their way into work by now. We should sue at this point, but it’s kind of hard when Bella can’t even get out of bed.

I’ll be posting more often now, unless things come up all at once like they did the last few weeks. Please feel free to share this around, I think I did my best to not name any names of companies, but that’s just to save us from liability in case we do take this to court for any reason. I’m going to upload some of the calls later if I get the chance to sit and work out how best to do that. For now, I have things I need to get done, a sick wife to take care of, and probably a few other things that I’ve forgotten needs to be done today, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out or be reminded as soon as Bella wakes.

Follow #helpthehero on facebook and Instagram, donate to our cause and help us travel to the doctors we need to see if you’re able. Thank you for reading my little rant, and I’m sorry if you’re going through the same or similar things, it’s horrible and a broken system, and one day I hope to change that. Thank you again for your time, please share our story far and wide.

with love,

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  1. They also tell us they 100% MAKE US follow each perscription how it’s written even if our doctor that’s wrote it tells us to run the fluids faster or slower depending on my health. Okay, dont do that.. I get the pharmacies policy. The rate is set for 333ml per hour for 6 hours. They send gravity tubing which tops out at 250ml/hr. 2 doctors offices have not only specifically ordered a pump for my fluids to get the right flows we need in.. but also to give me a bit of life each day since a pump can go in a back pack and travel with us instead of sitting under it for hours.. 6 hours for fluids added to antibiotics each day. Both doctors offices have also called and FOUGHT them to send it. It’s an order for a pump that isnt at a set rate so we can set it. They yelled that they wont send it, as its unsafe because we can program it to what ever we wanted.. the doctors office pointed out they send a gravity tubing that has many settings which is easy to set at what ever we wanted to set it at for years now, yet we can not set it at what we NEED and it is not the rate set depending on how high or low the bag is hung even with the set rate on the gravity tubing. So the pharmacy said no. So logically the drs office said fine.. send out a few pumps in which I will write which rate each should be at so they can run their meds correctly. The pharmacy said no again. The doctors office then asked them to program the pump with multiple rates so it’s one pump and we can choose what we need and that said no.

    I am still with out a pump.. it limits my life greatly. I can not leave the house during the day as I have to stay well below the iv bag.. I can not run my meds at night, I can not nap all the hours it runs.. as it will run dry which isnt safe and the back flow can hurt my port as well. This isn’t giving us a fair shot at life.
    I told the drs office.. I want to try to go to college in the future too. I cant do that hooked up under a wall in each room.. or holding my arm in the air..

    Brett.. what about the wheelchair.. tell us about how it’s taken 3 years.. how the company dropped the ball so badly they made us wait 6 months twice (so a year) to schedule bc they needed to be at the physical therapy appointment then never ever showed up now wont cover it but give us THE WORST options when the one we need has a written prescription.

    Or the major issues with the home health aides, and the agencies even trying to force a policy that is against nation and state policies..

    That’s just a few days of this week..


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