Sleep deprived

I don’t like writing about depressing things. It makes me sad to re-live these events, and it may just be the mood I’m in tonight making me feel worse than usual, but it’s been a hell of a last few days. I learned I average about 4 hours of sleep on a good day, and it’s not fun always being tired, every once in a while I kind of crash. The last 4 days have been long. We went to the ER Thursday because one of Bella’s tests came back super positive for a blood clot. We take Bella in and I wait in the parking lot watching movies with Savayah, so we can minimize bbygirls exposure to ER’s and their germs. Well at some point as Bella is about to go in for her CT scans and Savayah finds a quarter. She proceeds to choke on it, and vomit. Not seeing the quarter I rush her inside right away. Luckily we were already in the parking lot. Turns out she got it lodged in her esophagus straight up and down, so she could breathe but it was hard to swallow and she would keep vomiting up her saliva. Bella get’s wheeled to Savayahs room as she’s being discharged. Bella has a cot wrapped around the tip of he port, but they’re not going to do anything about it because it happens sometimes with old ports… Her’s isn’t even a year old, but I guess that doesn’t matter and we pray it doesn’t break loose or something crazy. Savayah needs surgery to get the quarter out and we have to wait 3 hours because Savayah had eaten breakfast already that morning, and a snack in the car. Just to be safe. Comes time, and bbygirl has to be put under as the try to retrieve the coin. I help them with the sleepy meds and placing her IV, and I start pacing, pushing Bella in her wheelchair as we call to tell our parents what was going on. She makes it through great, chugs two apple juices like nothing ever happened, and we get to keep the quarter. She made it through and was right as rain, a little sleepy on the way home, but should sleep through the night because of the meds… She did not. Woke up when we got home, fully rested and ready to go. As we drove home, we find out Bella’s grandma is in the ER in a lot of pain. We call worried, she tells us not to come, take care of the baby, and we’ll talk to her later. We go to visit Friday, get her meds, pick up her son to keep an eye on her for a few days, and run a few errands so they can get through a few days if we can’t make it back out. Still exhausted, bbygirl falls asleep on time, and we try to get through the night quickly to get as much sleep as possible. She wakes up at like 3am, and we do our best to get her back down, but we were up for the day. The rest of the weekend was just a countdown to Monday where I usually catch up on schoolwork, to hopefully rest up for what we missed. It’s been a long day for today, but I wanted to let everyone know why I haven’t written in a few days. I meant for this to be a short and sweet apology, but this came out. I’m gonna get a little rest before I have to go to school tomorrow, and I’ll write tomorrow a bit more on everything. please share and follow. donate if you can. #helpthehero on social media.

Sweet dreams,

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