Life before all of this

My name is Brett, I’m married to Bella and will be writing most of this, filling in some of the blanks with notes and updates we’ve written throughout the years. However I figured before the bulk of it, I’d let you all in on a little of our lives before all of this. Not too far, this isn’t our life story, but enough to know that we weren’t always like this. I was in the Navy when we “met”. We had known each other in high school, but never really hung out or talked too much. Same circles different times kind of thing. I saw her while I was on leave, and it took off from there. She was beautiful, vibrant, smart. Even if I didn’t have a shot, I took it and I’m happy I did. She was just out of relationships, working and being overall awesome. I showed up just at the right time, and it was like fate. We went on one date and I already knew she was the one, it took her a bit more convincing.

We dated, seeing each other whenever I had a long weekend or was able to take a bit of leave. Sometimes she would travel out to see me. We made long distance work for a while, and then I asked her to marry me before I was going to move to San Diego for my next duty station. We got married, moved, had a rough start in a new place. She worked 3 jobs at any given time, while my hours on the ship were long and unpredictable. We struggled, but we loved each other fiercely.  Around the time my first deployment was over we had really gotten the hang of things. She was managing several stores, making more than I was, and we were able to live easy, planning our future together. She was going to go to school to be an air traffic controller, and I was going to get out in another couple of years to go back to school and become a teacher.

We decided to grow our family. One shot is all she gave me for it, because it would delay our plans, but we had everything figured out anyways. It happened in that one shot I was given, and some plans were put on hold, I re-enlisted for a bit longer, and things were still on track. We were active, fun loving, never home, and thriving at this point.

Then Savayah came into the world. She was amazing. Beautiful and perfect. Bella however was never the same. I wish I could say it was gradual, but to this day it has been a living hell. She went in vibrant, ready to be a mom, hopeful… Walked out but barely. Racing heart even sitting still. Sharp shooting pains throughout her body and chest. Unable to regulate her body in most ways. I was to deploy soon after, the baby was maybe 7 months when I had to leave. By that time, we had hoped Bella could make it on her own, she wasn’t exactly stable, but she had hoped for help from family back home, and when I got back we could make it together.

I was called maybe a month into the deployment. Red Cross called in an emergency request, telling me that Bella was going to die, they didn’t know what was wrong, but I was needed to go home to take care of her and to say goodbye. My heart was breaking, I didn’t know what to do, but I went home and I did my best to take care of her. I’m still trying so hard to do so. As you might be able to tell it’s been almost five years since then, and she’s still here and fighting. There’s a lot of in-between, however I think this is a good place to stop and start the telling of everything else. The real reason for starting this blog.

So hopefully this little peak of a prologue gets you a little intrigued, and you read further as it comes along. Thank you for getting this far. Buckle up and get ready for the ride.

With love,
Brett & Bella


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