Starting about a year ago…

Rather than rewrite it all I think it’s something that needs to be seen by all. We don’t know if this will work, and it’s a long shot but we’re running out of options… This is an email I had to write this morning because I’m scared. I’m heartbroken. I don’t know what else to do or how I can help…

Dr. ******, I apologize for having to email you today but everything is a mess. Please read and try to understand what I’m saying. The antibiotics and Prednisone are no longer even being a Band-Aid for Bella’s condition. Just a few minutes before I’m writing you this email, I saw something that almost never happens. I saw my wife losing her battle. I know you’re relatively new to her case, but she’s been fighting every day for what seems like forever. We’re trying every possible route. Looking for any and every possible lead that could be the one that finally figures out what’s going on. She should have run out of fight long ago but still persists because she has a will to live stronger than any I’ve ever seen. Today I saw her crying. Begging for help. She may think it all the time but she’s never put it out like this. I will do whatever it takes for my family, just as I know many other people would. She needs help and unfortunately we don’t know how to get it. I know you’re doing your best and trying just as her other doctors are, but unfortunately it’s just not working.
Tomorrow we are going to the hospital. We need a direct admitted. There’s nothing the ER can do, nothing is acute anymore, everything is chronic. She can’t get up out of bed anymore. She won’t make it if I find a way to drive her back to Mayo. We need help more now than ever, and she can’t be home like this anymore. She can’t Go To the ER to be evaluated because they can’t help or run the tests that she would need. It’s to the point where she can’t get up to make it to her appointments even, because she’s unable to move. She’s hit her 10/10 and it’s constant. While she’s awake she’s in agony and while asleep her body no longer can repair itself because the damage is too great. The two things that have helped to give her even an ounce of relief, now do nothing. Failure to thrive puts it lightly and we can’t do out patient anymore.
I’m pleading with you to direct admit her to Cleveland clinic. She needs to be under care and we need to contact Mayo again for transfer. She’s unable to ambulate or even sit up in bed, go-to the bathroom or anything we take for granted because it comes easily and we don’t even need to think about it. While she’s awake she needs constant care. Her body is fighting hard and it’s giving out.
We need her to be direct admitted. You’re our only hope for this and I’m pleading with you to help. We know Mayo is more equipped to handle cases like hers and she needs to be there. This is our only way to do so. She can’t wait anymore. It’s destroying us all. We can give and tell you everything you need to know and how to word it to get her transfered. We don’t care about cost, insurance or anything anymore. She deserves to live. She can’t keep fighting like this when most people would have given in long ago. Don’t let her lose this battle alone. I’m begging you.
I’m sorry, but it’s no long something that can be looked at outpatient. She’s too far gone for that now. Tomorrow morning she’s going to the hospital. We can’t leave until something is figured out. I don’t know how else to ask or beg or plead. This is nessesary.
Please help us. I know you’ve done alot but I have to ask you this as well. Everything is too far gone. ER can’t help. Fluids can’t help. The doxy and Prednisone can’t help… There’s nothing less but our final hope. I don’t know what else to do.
Brett Pacl

Please share and know that I have asking for help unless I truly need too. My wife is a good person who always puts others ahead of herself. She doesn’t deserve what’s happened to her. Please. We’re at the end of our rope.

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